Thursday, January 5, 2012


It is 10:00 on Thursday night and usually I turn myself off from the Cancer "thinking", but due to tomorrow's early morning appointment I am having trouble doing that. It's hard to get away from it...the constant wondering and worrying.

Let's get things done people...I get tired of sitting around thinking about what is going to happen...let's just do it! Hoping and Praying that tomorrow's appointment will finalize some plans and move onto the next phase in this oh so lovely journey.

I'm completely overwhelmed by the well wishes, prayers and love showered upon me over the past few days. Really, the outpouring of love and support is humbling...I'm one lucky girl!

I got a new I phone today and the first app I downloaded was instagram...oh so fun! I have to have something to keep me entertained while I'm sitting in all those doctor visits.

This is a Princess and the Pea that Little Miss got as a gift from her birth family for's really cute! (1st ever instagram photo)

Endurance is nobler than strength, and
patience than beauty.

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