Saturday, February 18, 2012


Believe me, I know what it's like to be grumpy, but I also think most of us can choose whether or not we remain in that state. We can decide to be grumpy every day if we want to; I'm sure we all have a laundry list of things we could wallow about. Most times, I choose not to remain in the idle state of misery for too long, it is unpleasant for all, including myself. It is also a downward spiral to complete and utter yucky-ness!

Today I ventured to the store with Mom, primarily to find a gift for my nephew, but I also did some retail therapy (forgot to mention that one in my therapy post) and purchased a few items for myself :) .
I got to the register and handed the cashier my coupons. After she was finished totaling the order, I realized I hadn't given her my store card, so I handed her that as well. When she entered the card number, the coupons came off the order so the entire purchase amount could be added to the card. She turned and told me I could swipe my credit card. I politely (with Mom as my witness) asked her if she subtracted the coupons. She proceeded to yell at me...yes, YELL (I am not exaggerating...ask Mom). Why, you ask? The only answer I have for that is that she was Grumpy...grumpy with herself, insecure and in turn grumpy and downright rude to me.

She said "You just gave me the card now so that's why that happened. I had to go back because you just gave me the card."

"Ok, so why did you tell me to swipe my credit card?"

"I didn't ask you to swipe your credit card." At this point I'm standing there with my mouth WIDE open and completely dumbfounded...I mean she kidding me (or have I completely lost my mind)? I asked her to just please enter the coupons and the transaction was completed without any further incidences...and she told me to have a good night...WEIRD!
The whole exchange was my name Alice and did I just fall through the rabbit hole? Mom and I both left the store in disbelief. What on Earth was her problem? Obviously she was having a moment and it was in my best interest to get the heck out of there before she had another one...GEEZ!

I'm not really sure what my point is with this post, but goodness people, try not to be so gosh darn grumpy, and if you are, please don't take it out on me!

P.S. I have consistent trouble with the font size when I'm making posts. I adjust the font size and colors, but when I post, it doesn't apply...hmmmm....sorry it's wonky!

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Shannon said...

Did you know that we have that hanging up behind the desk at the studio where only we can see it??