Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I've noticed when talking to people that there is a bit of confusion about my upcoming treatments.  The most common question... "If the scans didn't show anything, why chemotherapy?"  Unfortunately, it's not that easy to be sure all the cancer is gone from my body because the Big C is microscopic...this means there could be cells lurking in there waiting for an opportune time to intrude once again.  My cancer has been treated and now the oncologist works to cure it, so it never returns again...well, that's no guarantee either, but he will do his best.  The chemotherapy works to kill off all those evil cells and stop them in their tracks before any further invasion takes place.  

I'm working on visualizing the medicine as coming into my body to clean me out and rid myself of the Big C.  At the same time I'm trying my best to put the all too familiar fears to the back of my mind.  It's definitely challenging, and the anticipation of it all can just about make me vomit.  But, who has time for that?  

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.

Japanese Proverb

P.S. Anything else you're curious about?  Just ask...I may just answer.

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