Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last week when I had my follow up appointment, the doctor wrote me some prescriptions, one for a breast prosthetic and one for a cranial prosthetic.  The first goes without explanation and the second, for those of you who are not quite sure, is a wig.  You see if it is referred to as a wig, the insurance company will not cover it, so the doctors call it by its fancy name.  Call it whatever you want, it's still a wig, and I'm still freaking out about the thought of needing one.  I decided though that perhaps I should refer to myself as hairless instead of bald, like a certain breed of cat.  I'll be a hairless human, sounds less dramatic doesn't it?  If I can find a wig (cough, cough), I mean cranial prosthetic as miraculous as the breast prosthetic, I'll be all set.  I feel okay with clothes on and I can now wear just about anything without being insecure and uncomfortable, and sometimes, even without a scarf.   No one would ever know...it's just that good (sorry no photos).  There is a whole line of mastectomy products out there...who knew? 

And, on a completely different topic...
E and his friend cleaned up a street in our neighborhood the other day as part of a Cub Scout project.  They were announcing each item as they picked it up to throw it away.  The bigger the trash item, the better...look at the grin on his face.

They collected two barrels of trash.
Little Miss (complete with veil) and I went to snap a few photos.

As I face today, and everyday, I remind myself of this....

Thanks Mom and Dad for the reminder.

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