Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was all about hair.  We started the day off by searching for the perfect wig (cough, cough...I mean cranial prosthetic).  My mom and my sweet friend Lauren (who also happens to be my hairdresser) came along.  I imagined the process to be long, daunting and depressing.  To my surprise, it was quite the opposite.  I was able to find a wig that worked for me and within a short amount of time.  I tried a few on...

That one reminded Vic of 
I decided against it...

Baby, Baby, Baby, ooooooooo -it was a tough choice.
But decided on this one...the perfect fit.  An hour later we were walking out of the Salon with my prosthesis.  Yay, another task done...CHECK!
I started the day out thinking I would find something I would be ok with, but I must admit, I kind of like my new head of hair  (and it's even better now that Lauren trimmed it for me).

And what fun is it for Mommy to have a wig if the kids can't try it on?

E's uncle immediately saw the resemblance and created this.

Lauren cut my other head of hair today too....wowsers...it's short! The plan is to go even shorter next week.  It's only hair (me convincing myself it's ok) and now with my back-up, I'm all set.

“People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I 

don't know, I’m never there.” 

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Lauren Cowan said...

I loved yesterday! I was def. Reminding myself I was ok all day but I was once I saw Linda's attitude..amazing!!! We had alot of laughs and her wig is perfect and her cut looks adorable! Bottom line...inspirational and humbling all at once :) xo