Friday, March 23, 2012

As promised...

I figured out how to upload a video from my phone, and I'm proud to say, I did it all by myself...I didn't even have to ask the husband.  

First my disclosure: I initially didn't realize I was being videotaped.  The terrible face I am making is because the buzzers made my entire head vibrate.  I'm not a fan of the sound on my head; it's eerie...  Does anyone else who has experienced a buzz cut agree?

Anyway, here I am in all my glory.  

Phew, I was worried about the shape of my head.  When you feel your own head, there are all sorts of lumps and bumps...go ahead, try it.  Apparently, it turns out mine is just fine.  
Thanks Mom and Dad!  

By the way, I still have the buzz...  I'm losing hair daily, but I'll hang onto it as long as I can.  I still sleep with something on my head at night because I just can stand the thought of my pillow having hair all over it.  I'm much better at dealing with shaking the hair out of my hat in the morning.

There is one thing about baldness:  it's neat. 

 ~Don Herold

P.S.  I had surgery this morning to get a port.  All is well and this should make my infusions and drawing blood much easier.  Surgery is never fun, but it seems this was worth it.

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