Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slightly Annoyed...

We met with the doctor on Thursday about radiation.  WHOA!  Rude awakening...apparently radiation therapy will start 3 weeks after my last infusion and will take place Monday through Friday for 7 weeks. I really had no idea that it was quite that intense.  The sessions are short, but going on a daily basis slightly annoys me, especially because it messed up our vacation plans! The BIG C is a BIG pain in the bum and it best never think about showing it's ugly face in any part of my body ever again.  Ok...feeling better now...just needed a bit of venting.

Friday I'll be getting my port; this should make my infusions much easier.  I'm not looking forward to another surgery, but this is minor compared to the last-piece of cake.

And today, we shared a corn beef and cabbage dinner with my family.  It was yummy and I thoroughly enjoyed the Potatoes and everything else of course.  I have to say (although I'm afraid to say it aloud, but I'll whisper it), I think my taste buds are back in full gear.  I even had salad dressing last night without any funky taste in my mouth....hooray! 

Sorry for the boring thoughts are definitely a bit jumbled these days, but I appreciate that you all continue to read my ramblings.  

  Enjoy your weekend and here is a good ole Irish Blessing to make this St. Patrick's Day complete.
And a photo to make the post a bit more interesting...

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