Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Day After...

I have been feeling very tired today following chemotherapy yesterday; I think I laid on the couch for four hours today.  I'm not  one to sit still for very long, so this really went against my grain.  But, these are the days I must listen to my body and take this temporary job as cancer patient seriously, so I did.  

Today I got a card from Mom and Dad; they always seem to know just what to say at just the right time.  Just one more huge blessing I have in my life.

 I've said it before...and on the days following chemo I think it's especially true to feel emotionally and physically run down and overwhelmed by the intrusion of the BIG C.   I continue to do  a double take in the mirror as I walk past catching a glimpse of my thinning buzz cut.  It's just so darn surreal...STILL!  I have cancer... me, 39 year old wife, mother of two little ones...I have it.  How can that be?  I did everything I was supposed to.  I went for regular mammograms, had breast exams at the doctor's office every 6 months, ate well, in shape (for the most part), I don't smoke and I have an occasional glass of wine.  But, yes, I have breast cancer.

But, by the time I'm forty I will also have kicked its butt.  Check that off my resume.

"In all things it is better to hope than to despair."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

PS  Treatment was definitely easier this time because of my port. :)

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Shannon said...

Love you Lin..xox