Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Miss

 Five years ago today our Little Miss was born. 

  Every time I write about one of my kids being born, I have to stop and try to compose myself before finishing the post.  (You'd think I'd have the box of tissues near the computer by this point)  It just never gets old.  I'm sure if you've given birth, you certainly have some of the same moments of awe and gratefulness when you recall the day your child came into the world.  For me, it's like my heart could explode with gratitude... it's a humbling experience to become a parent and to personally be "chosen" to be a Mommy by birth parents is on a completely different level...

We are blessed, and we are reminded of that on a daily basis when we look into the big blue eyes of our daughter.   

Happy Birthday Little Miss.   We are grateful each and every day that life lead us to you.  

And, to complete this post...the lyrics to one of my favorite birthday songs.


On the day that you were born

the flowers bloomed and the unicorn
danced and sang the whole day long
on the day that you were born.
On the day, on the day,
on the day that you were born,
on the day, on the day,
on the day that you were born."

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