Sunday, March 4, 2012


Some definitions of navigate are:

 to make one's way over or through

to operate or control the course of 

to steer a course through a medium

Exactly how one navigates through their life differs and may change with various circumstances and situations.  With each experience, the navigation is adjusted and made more "efficient" for the next course.  Sometimes there are unforeseen obstacles and it is then even more difficult to navigate.  

My very dear friend recently noted that it must be difficult for me to navigate in this situation with so many loving and caring people wanting to reach out, help and do anything they can to make this course of my life less difficult.  It is the perfect analogy...although I'm not sure that I am the perfect captain to navigate. Unfortunately, here I am in charge of a journey for which I have no experience.   I have and will make mistakes and choices that may not always be best, but, I've never done this before...I'm an amateur to this course. Some days I'm just floating along waiting to see where it takes me.   

Each of you are on this voyage along side of me and I consider you to be my crew.  You are all so important to me and fulfill a unique role in this journey.  I hope you all know the value you have in my life and I want to be sure I do not ever take that for granted.  I am so very blessed to have a abundance of love and support and never can there be too much of it.  Each and every card, text message, note, meal, visit, phone call, prayer, thought, and word of encouragement has been important and appreciated.  I now have an entire wall of my bedroom covered in over 100 cards and each one of them motivates me to get myself out of bed, grab the biggest bat or sword I can find and beat the Big C to the ground.  My heart is full.  How can I not navigate successfully through these rough seas with such a crew behind me?

So thank you all for choosing to come along on this long journey with me, to stick with me during the rough seas and to help take over the navigation when I get a bit lost. XO

Newport, RI July 2011

The best way to navigate through life is to give up all of our controls.Gerald Jampolsky


Shannon said...

You are so wise and a perfect navigator for this uncharted territory. We are all following your lead and learning as we go. You generously share your journey with many so that we can all feel a part of the crew.. I don't think we will ever really know how far the ripples of your generosity will reach..

Beth said...

Beautifully said Shannon!