Monday, March 12, 2012

Potatoes and buzz cuts...

So one of the lovely side effects of chemotherapy (I mean cleansing medicine) is that it has messed with my taste buds. This side effect actually happened rather quickly as the night of my first treatment I was eating a salad and bleck...the dressing tasted terrible.  The next day it happened again with lemonade, apple juice and my water is tasting a little on the funky side, like it has had salt poured into it....too weird!  

Before I started treatments, a cancer butt kicking friend of mine, said she ate a diet primarily made up of chicken, rice, and potatoes.  Really, I thought, well I won't be wanting to eat that...boring!  Well, guess what I'm craving...POTATOES! YUM!   

My tongue feels as though I burned it on hot soup...fried taste buds anyone?  I'm now waiting for the tingling feeling on my scalp as my hair begins to fall out.  I think this will be the week for a buzz cut.  E is so ready for his Mohawk and will not stop pestering me about it; he just doesn't seem to get why I'm not all that excited about shaving my head...hmmmm. 

In celebration of the buzz cut, check out these gorgeous ladies rocking it.   

And check out this link with "bald" women celebrities because this is what I do in anticipation of being hairless and you might as well join in on the fun.

Stayed coming later this week with my "new do".

And since I've had enough of the bald quotes, here's a potato quote...

My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with.Oprah Winfrey

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Shannon said...

You will 'Rock' the buzz cut, the hat look, the scarf look, the naked head look.. Because you are a 'Rock Star'..!!